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Hello, I am Elaine Muhombe

IT Technician

Bringing Your Vision to Life, One Line of Code at a Time.
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About Me

I am an IT technician with over 7 years experience in the Education industry and an aspiring full stack developer specializing in MERN stack.
I am a graduate of Bachelor of Business and Information Technology degree from St Paul's University and I am currently based in Kisumu, Kenya. I also hold a certificate in Full-Stack JS development from GOMYCODE (Kenya). My hobbies include: watching movies, playing word games and cooking.

Employment Overview

Job Title: IT Technician

Employer: Makini Schools Ltd

Experience: 7 years+

Skills Overview

Technical Skills

  • Troubeshooting of IT related devices
  • Operating System
  • Computer Networking
  • User support
  • Active directory management
  • Cloud computing
  • Software installation and configuration

Coding Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS
  • SCSS
  • React.js
  • Express.js
  • Node.js
    • MongoDB
    • Mongoose

Soft Skills

  • Effective communication
  • Collaboration
  • Presentation
  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution

Latest Projects

task sheduler icon

01 Task Scheduler

Technologies used:

  • react.js iconReact.js
  • sass iconSaas
shopping cart icon

02 Shopping Cart

Technologies used:

  • react.js iconReact.js
  • sass iconSaas framework
  • express.js iconExpress.js
  • MongoDB iconMongoDB
  • node.js iconNode.js

03 Real Time Chat App

Technologies used:

  • react.js iconReact.js
  • sass iconSaas
  • express.js iconExpress.js
  • node.js iconNode.js

My Resume

I am a dedicated Full Stack JS Developer with a passion for creating innovative web solutions. Proficient in a variety of technologies, I am always eager to learn and adapt to new challenges to stay at the forefront of the web development industry. Below are buttons to view and download my resume.

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